Weekly Menu January 30th

Also known as “The end of GAPS Intro!”   Last week the menu planning was nearly pointless. Both kids came down with the  stomach flu going around. The boy was out for the entire week on bread and broth. The girl fell on Thursday and was only sick for 3 days.   Husband and I basically did meals for us and a lot of soup with the kids.  It was kinda like going back to week one of Intro!

Both kids are healthy again this week (and back in school – YAY!),  the hockey team is at home this week, the girl starts Archery lessons and the boy has a hockey tournament this weekend.   What’s not to love?

Monday Bratwurst and Kale
Tuesday Chicken and Lentils
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Wednesday Tacos with coconut flour tortillas
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Thursday Hungarian Goulash
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(Sans flour and honey instead of brown sugar)
Friday Manhattan Clam Chowder
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(I haven’t introduced dairy yet. We’ll stick with red chowder)
Saturday Chicken in Wine
Sunday Pork roast with sweet potatoes
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